Heart, Soul & Success Business Mindset Coaching
with Jeannette Parker


Welcome to Heart, Soul & Success! Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

When I was about 5 years old, the Wonder Woman tv show starring Lynda Carter debuted. I was young, but remember LOVING her. There was something about the mix of her courage, her strength, and yes, her outfit, that just fascinated me. I wanted to be so much like her that I remember scoffing at the shoe salesman when he tried to talk me into brown boots because they didn’t carry red ones for my Halloween Costume. Yes, at a very young age I seemed to know what kind of woman I wanted to be… though by the time I became an adult, things had changed. Looking back I see how I cared too much about what others thought, and took the safe road instead of following my dream. Please understand that I am not beating up on myself, I'm simply sharing that slowly over the years I had stopped being authentic to myself.

Interesting to note that I thought I was doing great and was making brave decisions. Sure I was, the problem was that they were not the ideal, brave decisions for my life. I had a successful fundraising career, then married and stayed home with my kids – this last part was one of my dreams come true. When I was home with them I was restless to be creative, to do something more. So I chased ideas, but could never find the one that fit me. I did network marketing, went back to fundraising, event planning, volunteering, even opened a virtual reality gaming center with my then-husband. The one constant was that I loved being a mom, but none of the other things I did seemed to fit. It was finally when I stopped reaching and searching and instead started listening to my soul that I finally rediscovered me.

How do you listen to your soul? Well, for me it was by doing a lot of varied self-development and connecting with my spirituality. I learned that living from gratitude is the recipe for joy in life. From there I discovered how to listen to myself instead of others, to believe that I had something to say and accept that others were willing to listen. Slowly, I began to build a belief in myself that seemed to have disappeared with the Wonder Woman tv show. And as my belief grew, so did my understanding of my worth, the value I could offer to others, and what my calling is: to be a Business Mindset Coach.

It’s amazing how things come full circle. Just as I’ve rediscovered myself and have chosen this path as a business coach - feeling and knowing that I am as empowered as I’ve ever been – Wonder Woman is back, and on the big screen. I guess in a way we’ve both grown up: she has broken through the kitsch of 70’s tv into being a bonafide hero of the box office and the #Time’s Up movement, and I’ve stepped into a profession where I trust, accept and embrace my worth, and that I have gifts that can help transform the world, one woman at a time.

These lessons that I’ve learned are possibly very similar to yours. Part of being a female entrepreneur means looking at yourself honestly and building yourself up. No one else will do it for you, but you do have sisters who will be there with you on the journey. I am one of them.  

Welcome to Heart, Soul & Success, where you can be your authentic you and learn how to thrive by doing so. My group programs and one-on-one coaching challenge you to know yourself, to be authentic, to know your worth, to be seen and heard powerfully, and not accept anything less for yourself or your business. Again, welcome!

Kali Edwards